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taking out the stars, one by one
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info. paige. 18, going on 4. minnesotan. sings. american idol, no way. writes, reads, doesn't do homework. acts too much, and faces reality too little. loves. but not you. eats mint chocolate chip ice cream and drinks sunkist orange soda. randomly abuses both capitals and lowercase. has big dreams and little money. cries during movies. even the funny ones. has a soft spot for fluffy puppies and angsty poems.

is married to the sea.

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writes: house, lost, harry potter, firefly, lotr rps, original prose. writing has tendencies to be dark, slashy, and filled with naughty mental images. pairings most likely to show up in each fandom are draco/harry (harry potter), house/wilson (house), sawyer/kate (lost) dom/elijah (lotr rps), and simon/river (firefly), but you never know, i could be lying about the whole thing.

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accents, acting, adventures, air, amusing things, angst, art, astronomy, awkward silence, bad lovers, beauty, being a hopeless romantic, being an asshole, being happy, being naked, being sexy, bisexuality, biting, black and white photography, books, boys, boys in eyeliner, bracelets, candid photography, candy, chapstick, chinese food, chocolate, choir, clever insults, coffee, college, color, crayons, creative writing, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dancing in the rain, defying gravity, democrats, desire, details, drama, dreaming, driving, editing, education, equality, faeries, feeling pretty, feeling safe, fire, flirting, foreign films, freedom, freedom of speech, friends, gay rights, geeks, girls, glam, glitter, good lovers, grammar, graphics, grass, hair dye, hatesex, history, hope, hugs, humour, hypocrisy, icons, imagination, individuality, ipod, kink, kisses, languages, laughing, learning, lies, life, lipgloss, lisa edelstein's ass, literature, love, love letters, love/hate, me, movement, movies, music, nature, need, night, older men, pain, peace, photography, pirates, poetry, power, pretty eyes, pro-choice, promises, prose, puritans, purity, rain, rambling, randomness, reading, romance, roses, sarcasm, satire, saying yay, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shiny stuff, silliness, singing, skirts, slash, smut, snuggling, sonicate, sparkly things, stars, sunshine, swing dancing, talking, teasing, the question of love, theatre, thinking, trees, vampires, vegetarians, want, warm sweaters, wit, writing, you, your mom,